Q. My guests will have to walk a long distance to the tent site, is it possible to do a covered walkway?

A.The short answer is yes. However it can get to be expensive to do a covered walkway of a hundred feet or more. A better solution might be to have a container of umbrellas at each end of the walk and have your guests use one and deposit it in the container at the other end.

Q. I am planning an outdoor event under a tent. When should I mow my lawn?

A. It is best to mow a few days before your event to give the grass clippings a chance to dry out and disappear. Fresh grass clippings stick to everything and can stain light colored shoes.

Q. Will my lawn dry up and die if a tent is up for a few days and I cannot run my lawn sprinkler?

A. It has been my observation that people with in ground lawn sprinklers tend to over water their lawn. Your lawn will loose less moisture to evaporation when a tent is covering it. So unless your lawn is showing signs of stress from a lack of moisture before the tent goes up it should be fine for 7-10 days. Be sure to turn those sprinklers off for the entire time that the tent is up or everything under it will get wet.

Q. If the weather is nice can the sides of the tent be rolled up?

A. The tent sides that I use are either twenty or thirty feet long, making it difficult, not to mention unsightly to roll them up. Generally if the weather is nice we would not install the sides. If the weather turns nasty during the event we would then hang the sides. It is a quick and easy thing to do.

Q. Will your tents blow down in a storm?

A.The tents that I use are all rated to withstand a sixty mile per hour wind. Trees will be blowing down before the tent will. In 1999 I had two tents up in a storm in Leland, MI. on two different sites. A tree was blown down on a car in the parking lot of one of the sites, but the tent was fine. That same storm blew a tent belonging to one of my competitors over the house where the event was to be held. The cause of tents blowing down is usually due to inadequate staking or rope failure. Please look at the photo to see the use of 10,000 pound webbing and triple staking at each corner which insures that this tent is not going anywhere.


Q. Do I need a tent for an outdoor Wedding Ceremony?

A.If you are having the reception on the same site as the ceremony it is common to use the reception tent as a backup plan of the weather is bad at the time of the ceremony. If there is a dance floor in the reception tent it can be used as an area for the wedding party to stand during the ceremony. The guests can sit in their dinner seating locations and adjust their chairs to see the wedding party. If you use this idea as your rain plan the caterer should be notified ahead of time so they can have the tables set before the guests arrive, since they normally set up while the ceremony is going on.